Synthetic Urine Urine Near Me? 3 Places Where To Buy Fake Pee

“Oh, and 1 synthetic urine kit,” is not something you hear a lot at a grocery store near you. Synthetic urine is just not something you buy in a convenience store.

It’s not like beard and milk. Synthetic urine – the laboratory-made perfect 100% drug-free solution that tests like real urine – is quickly becoming the most popular way to pass a urine drug test.

Simply pouring the synthetic urine in that drug testing sample collection cup (instead of your ‘pissing hot’ urine) will get you ‘Negative for all drugs’ test results. It’s no wonder that everybody wants to know where to buy synthetic urine.

employer drug testing and test cup to urinate in

There are few places that sell synthetic pee. You might have even seen some fake pee kit at your gas station; the ones with big X all over them, looking as toxic as nuclear waste. Buying those might not be the best idea.

Here’s the deal:

Almost everybody who wants to buy synthetic urine buys it online. It’s basically like buying anything on Amazon; you have lightning-fast (1-2 days) delivery and it’s completely anonymous.

You really don’t want to come up to the counter and ask for synthetic urine, right? Some would think you’re some kind of sexual deviant, but most people will know exactly why you need synthetic urine for.

There are big online shops that sell synthetic urine. Here is a combined table of the best synthetic urine kits they offer, and you can buy them if synthetic urine is in stock:

Shops That Sell Synthetic Urine (Fast And Anonymous Shipping)

Here is a list of the best synthetic urine kits and where to buy them. Any of these kits will work but if you really don’t want to fail your urine drug test, you should go for #1, #2, and #3 (those have the unbeatable synthetic urine solution formula):

Synthetic Urine Kit:

#1 Incognito Belt Kit

#2 Sub-Solution Kit

#3 Quick Luck Kit

#4 Quick Fix 6.3 Kit

#5 Powdered Urine Kit



- Best Synthetic Urine Formula

- Temperature Strip

- Belt Contraption

- Best Synthetic Urine Formula

- Heat Activator

- Temperature Strip

- Best Synthetic Urine Formula

- Heat Activator

- 2 Heating Pads

- Temperature Strip

- Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

- 1 Heating Pad

- Temperature Strip

- Powdered Urine

- Temperature Strip










For more information on where to buy fake pee kits, just click the ‘Availability’ buttons and check if that specific synthetic urine is in stock.

Here are the 3 big online stores that sell these synthetic urine kits:

Test Negative: Most Popular Store That Delivers The Best Synthetic Urine To Your Doorstep

Test Negative is the most well-known synthetic urine shop. They are the only ones that stock the best synthetic urine kits – anything from Incognito Belt to Sub-Solution and Quick Fix.

These are Clear Choice’s fake pee products. Clear Choice has the longest tradition in the synthetic urine industry; they have been established in 1993, and Test Negative usually stocks a large range of their products:

best shop to buy synthetic urine at
Test Negative is the bigger synthetic urine retailer with the largest range of fake pee products and the fastest shipping.

This is the most popular shop that sells synthetic urine. Here is their full range of fake pee products:

synthetic urine you can buy in stores
Rounded in red are the best synthetic urine kits currently on the market.

In short, Test Negative is the go-to synthetic urine shop that delivers right to your doorstep in just a few days. You can check out Test Negative store and buy synthetic urine here.

TestClear: Detox Shop That Also Stocks Synthetic Urine Alternative

TestClear is one of the most popular stores for detoxing. They offer a large range of detox products, from 10-Day Toxin Rid to the popular Old Style Aloe Nexxus hair shampoo.

Fortunately, you can also buy the best synthetic urine alternative there – the Powdered Urine kit:

store that sells powdered urine kit

A powdered urine kit is not synthetic urine per se, but it has the same effect if you’re interested in passing a drug test.

It is a dehydrated 100% drug-free human urine. To use it, you just have to rehydrate it and heat it up to body temperature. You can check the kit at TestClear store here.

Quick Fix Synthetic: Exactly Where You Can Buy Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix is one of the most popular synthetic urine kits; mainly because it’s the only one that’s about OK of all the cheap kits.

There are many online stores that sell Quick Fix fake pee kit, and the biggest one (with the fastest shipping; that’s quite important) is Quick Fix Synthetic:

where to buy quick fix synthetic urine

Having an option for overnight shipping is a big advantage Quick Fix dedicated Quick Fix Synthetic store has.

You can check the store that sells Quick Fix synthetic urine here.

Where To Buy Synthetic Urine Near You In Physical Stores?

If you choose not to order synthetic urine online, your only options are retail stores. Normal grocery stores obviously don’t carry synthetic urine.

But some head shops just might.

Which head shops in your area sell synthetic urine?

Head shops are your best bet if you want to buy synthetic urine locally. A fair warning: Not all head shops sell synthetic urine, and the brands they sell are usually subpar to anything you can buy on Test Negative, for example.

The best way to check if a head shop near you sells synthetic urine is just simply to call them. Don’t go into the store and ask “Do you sell synthetic urine?” because that may involve a fair amount of awkwardness and chances are that particular head shop doesn’t carry fake pee products.

In all cases, be sure you’re buying synthetic urine from a reputable shop.

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