3 Ways How To Pass A Drug Test (With Up To 99.8% Certainty)

Drug testing is unavoidable. 7 out of 10 Americans aged between 18 and 45 use illicit drugs. Most of us are almost destined to fail a drug test and face the unwelcome consequences of that. That’s why knowing how to pass a drug test, and do so with a high degree of certainty, is vital

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics study, 71% of companies with over 1000 employees test for illicit drugs. Smaller companies with 50-99 employees test a bit less; 61.6% of all small companies regularly conduct pre-work and random drug testing.

The percentage of people who have failed a drug test is steadily rising, and they face the serious consequences that go with illicit drug use. In 2018, 4.4% of all people failed a drug test (combined US workforce data).

The reason why so many face a drug test and need to know how to pass a drug test is due to 1970s anti-drug laws. Informing yourself how to pass a drug test if you’re using anything from marijuana to opiates has become almost as important as having a good CV.

how many people need to pass an employer drug test
In 1000 people survey by Detox, almost 70% of people admit to using drugs in the workplace.

With the recent marijuana legalization in several states, the percentage of people who have failed a drug test is rising. Mind you that, despite the legalization of marijuana, employers still test their employees as before legalization. You can fail to get the job, be fired, or even face more serious consequences if you fail a drug test.

For employers, drug testing seems to make sense. But does it really? In the 1970s when the employment drug testing laws were written, the rationale was that people who use drugs are less productive for several reasons.

However, recent scientific studies find little to no connection between drug use and workplace productivity. Here is a conclusion by a scientific paper by the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine Committee on Drug Use:

“Despite beliefs to the contrary, the preventive effects of drug-testing programs have never been adequately demonstrated.”

So, why do we still keep the drug testing laws? In many cases, this question is irrelevant. They are there and even with cannabis legalization, they are not going away fast enough.

Here’s the reality again:

Drug tests are unavoidable. The best we can do for now is to learn the most guaranteed ways how to pass a drug test.

To help everybody who is likely to fail a drug test due to recent drug use, we will cover the following topics:

  • Which employers (by industry, and by the number of employees) test for drugs the most?
  • Types of drug tests (by sample collection, and by protocol).
  • How long do drugs like marijuana stay in your system?
  • 4 most effective ways to pass a drug test (with up to 99.8% certainty).

In the end, the goal is to educate everybody on how best to pass a drug test with up to 99.8% certainly. Most people already do use synthetic urine, detox kits, and drinks, and ‘sweating drugs out’ to pass a drug test.

Sadly, there is still a high percentage of people who think you can pass a drug test by drinking water, cranberry juice, or even coffee. As unnecessarily and irrational drug testing is, these common how to pass a drug test myths are the reason why almost 5% of people still fail a drug test.

Which Employers Drug Test The Most? (Retail, Construction, Food, Transportation)

Everybody is in peril of imminent drug testing. No industry is exempt. However, some industries like retail and food service drug test more frequently than others.

Almost 70% of people admit to using drugs and are in need of learning how to pass a drug test. What is more, an increasing number of employees are using drugs on the job. Here is data from the Detox survey about which industries are the highest on the ‘getting high on the job’ scale:

which industry drug tests the most

As we can see, retail workers, construction workers, and food service workers are the most prominent at using drugs on the job. That’s why retail employers and food service employers tend to drug test the most.

On the other part of the spectra is the transportation. While people in transportation use less drugs on the job, they are still one of the sectors that gets drug tested the most. This is due to the high risk of impairment on the job if truck drivers were using drugs.

Construction is a special case as well. Construction workers get tested for drugs very regularly. The possibility of workplace accidents and injuries is higher than with other occupations. It is deemed that drug use can increase the possibility of workplace accidents happening; however, the scientific evidence for this is scarce at best.

The likelihood of you being tested for use of illicit drugs also depends on the size of the company. According to the Prevalence of drug testing in the workplace paper, bigger companies test significantly more than smaller companies:

bigger companies drug test more than smaller companies
Percentage of employee drug testing by No. of employees in a company.

As you can see, bigger companies with 1000+ employees drug test more than 70% of their employees.

Smaller companies test less but not a lot less. Companies with 50-99 employees still test almost half of new hires (40,2%, to be exact).

Before we move onto how to effectively pass a drug test in a natural and guaranteed way, let’s first look at what kind of drug tests you’ll likely have to pass:

Types Of Drug Tests (By Sample Collection, And By Protocol)

There are various drug tests. They differ by two aspects, namely:

  • Reason why you’re being tested for the presence of drugs (Protocol: Pre-employment drug testing, for-cause testing, random drug testing, etc.).
  • Sample collection (urine, saliva, hair, blood).

We are most familiar with the sample collection classification of drug tests. To detect drugs in our system, laboratories have to collect a sample that might or might not contain traces of drugs (proving past use of drugs).

Sample Collection Drug Testing (Urine, Saliva, Hair, Blood)

Types of drug tests by sample collection are:

  1. Urine drug test. The most standard test; you have to pee in a cup, and your urine is tested for the presence of drugs in a process known as drug urinalysis.
  2. Saliva drug test. A cotton swab is used to collect your saliva – usually on the stop – and saliva is tested for the presence of illicit drugs.
  3. Hair drug test. 1.5 inches of hair is collected and tested for the presence of drugs. Hair can also come from under your armpit, chest, or even other body parts, given that the length of the test sample is at least 1.5 inches long.
  4. Blood drug test. Blood is collected via needle collection in a vial and the blood is tested for the presence of illicit drugs; blood drug test is the hardest to pass because you can’t use synthetic urine or detox products so effectively.

In the majority of cases, urine is used to prove if you were using drugs or not. The reason behind this is easy to understand:

  • All labs are equipped for urine drug testing.
  • Urine drug testing is the cheapest for an employer (costs about $20 vs. hair or blood test which costs $50+).
  • Urine is the easiest body sample that can be tested for the presence of drugs.

Fortunately for everybody who is looking for how to pass a drug test, there are ways you can effectively pass a urine drug test. More about that further below.

Protocol Drug Testing (Pre-employment, For-Cause, Random Urinalysis)

Whenever you are being tested for drugs, there is a ‘good’ cause behind it. Or at least that’s why employer’s policies say. Most companies employ 3 kinds of drug tests that you need to be aware of:

  1. Pre-employment drug testing. This type of test is used for all new hires. Usually, after a successful job interview, you are asked to ‘pee in a cup’ and are being tested for drugs prior to writing the contract. Failure to pass a pre-employment drug test almost always ends with your job application being rejected.
  2. For-cause drug testing. This policy states that whenever and for whatever reason your employer may have ‘reasonable grounds to suspect you are doing drugs, the company can send you to a drug test. Failure to pass a for-cause drug test affirms that the cause was just and you are, in actuality, using drugs. It usually ends with getting fires, or even worse.
  3. Random drug testing. Randomly testing employees for the presence of drugs in their urine is standard practice. While many employees think they may be directly targeted, that is usually not the cause. According to the company’s policies, employees have to be tested on an annual, biannual, or some other basis.

In any case, if you’re using drugs and are being tested for drugs, you will fail a drug test, right?

Not necessarily (but in many cases, yes).

Before you try any of the methods of how to pass a urine drug test, it makes sense to make sure that you will actually ‘pee hot’. In some cases, the drug use was so long ago that even traces of illicit drug use will no longer be present in your urine.

The true question that we’re going to cover in the next chapter is this:

How long do various drugs stay in your system?

Do You Actually Need To Do Anything To Pass A Drug Test At All?

All drugs are naturally eliminated from our system. In time.

The question ‘How to pass a drug test’ is only relevant if, by the time you have to take the drug test, your body hasn’t been able to eliminate all traces of drug use from your system.

Fortunately, most drugs – especially water-soluble ones – are eliminated from our system within 1 week.

which drugs are detected on a drug test
Frequency of drug use (without marijuana).

As we can see, opiates, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, and cocaine are the most commonly used drugs that are detected on the drug test. All of them, obviously, are overshadowed by marijuana use (not on the graph).

How Long Can Drugs Be Detected In Your System?

The key thing you need to know deciding if you actually need to do anything to pass a drug test are the elimination times.

Here is a complete table of how long drugs stay in your system for a specific type of collection sample drug test:

Drug: Urine Test Hair Test Saliva Test Blood Test
Opiates (Oxycodone) 1-4 Days Up to 90 Days Up to 2 Days Up to 2 Days
Benzodiazepines (Xanax) 1-3 Weeks Up to 9 Days 12 Hours 1-4 Days
Amphetamines (Ecstasy) Up to 4 Day Up to 90 Days Up to 2 Days Up to 2 Days
Cocaine Up to 3 Days Up to 90 Days Up to 24 Hours Up to 2 Days
Heroin Up to 3 Days Up to 90 Days Up to 6 Hours Up to 1 Hour
Methamphetamines Up to 7 Days Up to 90 Days Up to 3 Days Up to 4 Days

Data by Addiction Center

As you can see, almost all substances can be detected for up to 90 days after use by a hair drug test.

The most common drug test – urinalysis – can detect drugs in your urine about 1 week after use. Benzodiazepines are a rare exception with up to 4 weeks of detection time in urine.

Another drug – the most popular one – is an exception as well. It is precise because of this drug that people fail to pass a drug test the most. That drug is marijuana.

How Long Can Marijuana Be Detected In Your System?

THC the active substance in the most widespread drug – marijuana – can remain in your body for over 60 days. That’s why most people fail a drug test due to the presence of THC, or more accurately, THC-COOH metabolite, in their urine.

Marijuana can be detected by urinalysis up to 30 days after use. In some cases, heavy chronic users can fail to pass a marijuana drug test even after 45 days of abstinence. That’s why most of the ways how to pass a drug test are used by marijuana users:

3 Ways How To Pass A Urine Drug Test

The most effective ways to pass a drug test have only one goal:

Not to fail a drug test (and face the undesirable consequences).

Common ‘How to pass a drug test’ myths like drinking water, cranberry juice, or even vinegar don’t really work. However, they are rooted in truth; detoxing from the body from THC and other drugs can work.

But that usually takes time – 1 or 2 weeks of detox regimens – and most people have an impending drug test in 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days. They just can’t afford to sweat it out or pee it out.

That’s why the best method to pass a drug test takes all the drug elimination out of the equation. It substitutes it with the best substitute for drug-free urine that passes drug tests in 99.8% of cases: Synthetic urine.

#1 Synthetic Urine: Best Method To Pass A Drug Test On Short Notice (With 99.8% Guarantee)

You have probably heard of synthetic urine. It is a laboratory-made solution that tests exactly as healthy drug-free human urine.

Synthetic urine has the same makeup as human urine. That includes having the right:

  • Color (yellow).
  • Appearance (clear).
  • Specific gravity or urine density (between 1.005 and 1.030).
  • Acidic-basic properties measured as pH value (anywhere from 4 to 8 pH).
  • Urea concentration.
  • Uric acid concentration.
  • Creatinine concentration.
does synthetic urine work for passing a drug test with correct specific gravity appearance ph
Basic urine properties that test for the authenticity of a urine sample. The best synthetic urine matches these values as closely as possible.

Synthetic urine or ‘fake pee’ was actually developed by laboratories themselves to calibrate the urinalysis instruments exactly.

That’s why the best synthetic urine kits (you can check them here) are almost impossible to detect and work almost every time (99.8% of cases you will pass a drug test for any drug).

Substituting your own urine with synthetic urine is currently the most popular way of how to pass a drug test. And the reason for this is simple:

Synthetic pee is unbeatable in effectiveness.

With other ways how to pass a drug test, you have to detox for weeks, obstinate for up to a month, and so forth.

Passing a drug test with synthetic urine is guaranteed and easy to use.

Note: You have to be careful, however, to get the best possible fake pee. Not all brands are 99.8% reliable. You can check where you can buy top-rated synthetic urine near you here. Basically, it’s best to buy it online with full anonymity.

#2 THC Detox Drinks And Kits: Useful Method How To Pass A Urinalysis Drug Test In 1-2 Weeks

If you know that you will be tested in a week or two, you can always detox. Mostly marijuana users subscribe to this method of how to pass a drug test because THC (THC-COOH metabolite, to be exact) can remain in your body for 30+ days.

After 30 days, for example, a joint you smoked won’t be detected in your urine. Your body will naturally eliminate THC via urine, feces, sweat, and even breathing.

However, if your drug test is next week, you can’t really wait 30 days for marijuana to naturally be eliminated out of your system. THC detox drinks can cut that time in half. The best marijuana detox drinks, for example, can do it in 5 days (for moderate users) or 10 days (for heavy chronic smokers).

Detox drinks for THC mostly speed up the elimination of drugs via urine prior to a drug test. That’s the theory anyway. Practically, however, even the best THC detox drinks at most dilute urine and can help you pass a drug test if you’re near to the 20 ng/ml cut-off rate of drug tests.

That is if the urine is not diluted too much; in that case, your urine sample may have problems passing the urine authenticity test (especially specific gravity can fall below 1.005).

That’s why THC detox kits are much more recommended. They don’t only work hours prior to you taking a drug test. You start taking them 5 or 10 days prior to a drug test and they speed your body’s natural elimination process via:

  • Urine secretion (larger volume of urine generated with higher THC concentration. Translation: You will pee the marijuana out).
  • Feces secretion (more than 50% of THC is eliminated via feces. THC detox kits may increase the concentration of THC in your feces, and additionally increase feces production. Translation: You will go No. 2 more).

These THC detox kits also include detox drinks at the end of the THC detox program. That is to further ensure you will pass a drug test if you’re close to the cut-off rate of the laboratory drug testing panel (usually 20 ng/ml or 50 ng/ml THC-COOH concentration in urine sample).

You can check the best THC detox kits and drinks here.

#3 Passing A Drug Test Naturally With Diet, Physical Activity, And Drinking Gallons Of Water (Usually Takes 20+ Days)

The best way to pass a drug test would be if you could do it naturally. And you can do it but to a very limited degree.

Without synthetic urine or detox products to help you out, you can still tap into the natural drug elimination processes of your body and put them in a higher gear. How to pass a drug test naturally is focused on increasing the metabolism of your whole body while keeping the calorie intake low.

A low-calorie diet, for example, is especially important when trying to pass a THC drug test. THC is a fat-soluble molecule and is trapped in your fat cells. By burning that fat tissue – via a combination of a low-calorie diet and increased physical activity – you release the trapped THC and allow the body to remove it via liver (feces elimination) and via kidneys (urine elimination).

To maximize your chances of passing a drug test in a natural way, you should:

  • Enjoy a low-calorie diet. To release THC in your fat tissue, and switch to high-calorie diet 1 or 2 days prior to supplying a test sample. A high-calorie diet will help keep the remaining THC in your fat cells out of urine.
  • Run a marathon per day. That’s a bit of an exaggeration; you should do as much cardio as possible. This will increase your body’s natural metabolism and speed up drug elimination via urine, feces, and simply sweating it out.
  • Drink gallons of water every day. Drinking water alone doesn’t really help increase the THC elimination of your body. However, combined with intense physical activity and a low-calorie diet, you will need a lot of water to channel the THC out of your body via kidney and hence urine elimination.

All in all, naturally detoxing to pass a drug test is quite an intense regiment, and there are no guarantees. If you keep a high metabolism for 20 days, for example, you will increase your chances of passing a drug test significantly. Nonetheless, this still doesn’t come close to the effects of THC detox kits, or the urine substitution with synthetic urine.

A New Path To Safe Legalization And Freedom

At the end of the day, it’s hard to understand that you still have to pass a drug test, despite weed being legal in an increasing number of states.

The key to safe legalization is also understanding the social behavior and culture as a whole; nothing is a monolith. In any case, do follow the principles here to protect yourself, your job, and your body.