4 Best THC Detox Drinks And Kits In 2024 (Ones That Actually Work)

“You have a drug test coming up? Why just don’t drink an absurd amount of water?” is exactly the wrong approach for a THC detox.

If you truly need to pass a marijuana drug test, drinking water is not the way to get all the THC (or THC-COOH metabolite measured in urine drug tests) out of your system.

concentrations od drugs like marijuana for a positive drug test

THC-COOH metabolite can be found in your urine for up to 45 days after the last cannabis use. With the exception of using some of the best synthetic urine kits, there is no way you can significantly reduce that time just by drinking water.

To properly detox marijuana out of your system, you have to switch all the drug elimination pathways into high gear; and that’s exactly what the best THC detox methods are supposed to do.

But do they really?

We sure think so. Using THC detox drinks is the most popular way how to pass a marijuana drug test. If you add that urine dilution and diuretics are nothing else than what’s inside in full THC detox kits, you can see why top-rated marijuana detox kits can be used to pass a drug test with confidence:

how to pass a marijuana drug test with best thc detox drinks and kits
Using some kind of THC detox (either drinks, dilution, or diuretics) is the most popular way to pass a marijuana drug test. But is it the most effective way?

Despite a popular belief, THC detox drinks don’t just magically make marijuana in your system go away. They do help if you’re close to the 50 ng/ml THC concentration drug testing cut-off rate.

Detox drinks of their own are not the best way to pass a marijuana drug test:

The best THC detox kits are.

Marijuana detox kits combine detox drinks with THC-elimination pills and fibers. They represent full-fledged programs that switch our bodies in a higher drug elimination gear. The best cannabis detox kits will make you pee more (THC elimination via kidneys and urine) and generate more feces (THC elimination via liver and feces).

These somewhat extensive kits are the only way to increase the chances of passing a drug test up to 100%. The reliability of kits is much higher than for simpler detox drinks; you have to put in more effort, they cost more, but when you have a drug test around the corner, reliability passing it is the only thing that matters.

For everybody in need of help, you can check the compiled list of the best THC detox kits and drinks here. You will find detailed step-by-step instructions of how to use these kits and drinks further below:

Most Effective Marijuana Detox Kits And Detox Drinks

Detox Kit/Drink:

#1 10-Day Toxin Rid Kit

#2 5-Day Toxin Rid Kit

#3 Rescue Cleanse Drink

#4 Mega Clean Drink



- 150 Pre-rid Pills

- Detox liquid

- Dietary Fibers

- 75 Pre-rid Pils

- Detox Liquid

- Dietary Fibers

- 32oz Detox Drink

-33oz Detox Drink









#1 Best THC Detox Kit: 10-Day Toxin Rid Programme

10-Day Toxin Rid kit is the most effective THC detox kit on the market. While detox drinks are used on the day of the test itself, this program starts up to 10 days before the actual marijuana urine drug test. For the length of that 10 days, your body is put into hyperdrive (using 150 pre-rid pills) which increases toxin elimination on two separate levels:

  1. Urine secretion; secondary importance. The pre-rid pills increase the secretion of urine and, basically, make you pee more. All that volume of urine carries with it THC and THC-COOH metabolite (the very metabolite you want to get rid of BEFORE the drug test).
    drug testing and urine concentration and dilution in kidneys
    Concentration and elimination of chemical compounds (like urea) in the kidneys.
  2. Feces concentration and secretion; primary importance. This may come as a surprise but about 60% of THC is eliminated via feces. This is the most important marijuana elimination channel that detox drinks don’t address, but the 10-Day Toxin Rid kit does.

The combination of these two elimination processes and the sheer number of pre-rid pills you get (150 pills for 10-days) makes the 10-Day Toxin Rid detox kit appropriate even for the heavy chronic users. It is, by far, the best way to significantly increase your chances of passing a marijuana drug test.

most effective marijuana detox kit on the market
10-Day Toxin Rid kit.

The full program includes:

  • 150 pre-rid pills (15 per day, massive elimination boost).
  • Liquid detox.
  • Dietary fiber.

You can get all the day-to-day step-by-step instructions here.

All in all, 10-Day Toxin Rid combines all the best practices for THC detox – detox drinks, fiber, and dual elimination – and well a massive amount of pre-rid pills. It is by far the best THC detox kit to choose if you want to pass a urine drug test. You can get it here:

#2 Best Marijuana Detox Kit For Moderate Users: 5-Day Toxin Rid Programme

5-Day Toxin Rid detox kit is a variation of the top 10-Day Toxin Rid program. It is designed in a very similar way but as a 5-day course, that is more appropriate for moderate marijuana users.

Chronic users are better off getting the strongest 10-Day kit, but if you’re a moderate user, you can save a bit by using a 5-Day Toxin Rid kit to boost urine and feces secretion and, as a byproduct, have a much better chance of passing a THC drug test.

best thc detox kit in 2021
5-Day Toxin Rid kit.

This THC kit is also rather intense and takes about 5 days. Instead of 150 pre-rid pills, it contains 75 detox pills, and you have to pop 15 of them per day to poop weed. That’s exactly what they are designed to do.

On the day of the drug test, you also get the fiber to bind any remaining THC and THC metabolites such as THC-COOH and a detox liquid that dilutes the urine and thereby lowers the THC-COOH concentration in a urine sample. Of course, this is only 1 oz detox liquid; small dosage because you don’t want your urine to be too diluted. That, in itself, may render the urine sample inauthentic and therefore useless.

All in all, these detox kits may cost a pretty penny but they are the most effective ways of how to pass a marijuana drug test in a natural way (without the use of synthetic urine). 5-Day Toxin Rid is appropriate for moderate users for whom the 10-Day program might be overkill. And this kit is quite reasonably priced:

#3 Best THC Detox Drink: Clear Choice’s Rescue Cleanse 32oz

Detox drinks are just water + cranberry juice + vinegar on steroids. They are far more effective than just drinking gallons of cranberry juice but they are also far less effective than THC detox kits. Among the 100s detox drinks for marijuana on the market, the most popular and arguably the strongest one is the Clear Choice’s Rescue Cleanse.

This is a big 32oz detox drink that will make you urinate like hell. It might be cran-apple flavored don’t let the sweet taste fool you: when you drink it prior to a marijuana drug test, you will feel its full effect.

best detox drink for thc and drug testing in 2021

It’s best to avoid marijuana use for 14 days before using the Rescue Cleanse but, realistically, that’s not always an option. One thing you can do to boost its effect is to drink it on an empty stomach; not eating or drinking 4 hours prior to drinking the Rescue Cleanse is recommended.

Here’s how to use Clear Choice’s Rescue Cleanse:

Once you drink it, you will have a 1-5 hour window. With that time frame, you have to provide a sample for a drug test. The Rescue Cleanse will dilute the urine sample and thereby lower the concentration of THC you likely have in your pee.

Within the 1st hour, you should urinate as frequently as possible to eliminate all toxin traces. After that 1 hour, you are in the clear zone, and you should take a drug test as soon as possible.

The major con of all detox drinks is that urine dilution only works if you’re very close to the 50 ng/ml THC-COOH cut-off rate. On top of that, your urine might be inauthentic due to lower than 1.005 specific gravity (a consequence of urine dilution). What is more, the color of urine can change from regular yellow to clear or even colorless; this is also a sign of urine dilution.

All in all, if you really think it’s good to use detox drink alone, the best you can do is Rescue Cleanse 32oz. However, do consider doing full THC detox kits, if you really need to pass a drug test. You can buy it here:

#4 Biggest Marijuana Detox Drink: Mega Clean By Detoxify (33oz)

Mega Clean by Detoxify is the 2nd choice if you have decided to use a detox drink to try to pass a drug test. ‘Try’ there is the appropriate word because, as you know, detox drinks like Mega Clean don’t work as well as complete THC detox kits as especially not as well as the best synthetic urine kits.

There is nothing unusual about Mega Clean as far as the formula of detox drinks go. The herbal extracts and natural diuretics are the key components that make you pee a lot more just prior to taking a drug test.

megaclean cannabis detox drink for passing a drug test

The fact that Mega Clean comes in a big 1 liter (or 33oz bottle) is the vital part. Drinking the whole bottle is not easy but it is effective to a degree. If you’re really close to the marijuana test cut-off rate, you just might get lucky and get a ‘negative’ on the drug test. The results, however, are far from guaranteed.

Nonetheless, if you think you just need a little help, Mega Clean detox drink may be a good idea. You can buy it here


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